My name is Julien Remi B. Nguyen, and I am a graduating senior seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Illustration and Design at Kent State University. This is my platform where I will present various artworks, portfolios, and constructed designs – all of which I’ve enjoyed conceptualizing and creating. Before I take you on this journey through what has been the most amazing realization of a personal dream, allow me to tell you a little more about myself.

Born in Vietnam and raised most of my life in Cleveland, Ohio, all I can hope for is to provide for my family and return the favor for the immense sacrifices that they have endured. I was groomed to work hard at what I was good at and work wiser for what skills I needed to acquire. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University. At that point, I had reached a milestone that not many in my family were fortunate enough to have achieved. I was right on track to become a doctor or researcher – that seemed the likeliest and wisest choice. But, was it really my dream? 

Art has and always will be a driving force for me, and always served as an outlet for me during the more trying times of my life. Even though I seemed destined to pursue a science-oriented career, I couldn’t help but revel in those most peaceful and enjoyable times in my life: when I was creating Art. When I was so busy with work – there was Art to help me unwind. When I suffered many personal losses – there was Art to restore normalcy and peace. Throughout every major event and phase of my life, Art has been the only one and true constant. When I decided to jump from an almost certain career path focused in the sciences to pursue Fashion, was I really taking a risk? There is an Art and precision to scientific research and experimentation; and in the same way, there is a science to the way I create and produce my Art, my Fashion. I am able to utilize the creative mind and produce tangible pieces of work that can be shared. It is only the beginning for me and I am truly honored and humble to be able take you along with me through this process. 


J. Remi